Our design Process

The journey to product perfection is often met with road blocks and route changes. Whether it’s a supply chain issue, a new formulation or packaging material, we’re in the business of making the road trip a positive one. So we’ve created a process that suits FMCG creative to support the ever changing landscape of bringing a product to market.


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Discovery session. A-one
hour zoom or meeting
where we delve into the
project and hear all about
your excellent ideas and


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We mix up a proposal
just for you with our
recommendations to
create a top-shelf brand.


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Research, understanding,
development. Hours
and hours of it! This is
where the magic starts
to happen and the first
concepts are born.


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The first look. We’ll present
your concept to you in
a variety of ways, with
rationale for our design
choices and findings.


Screenshot (65)

Feedback and refinement.
This is your chance to
sit with the concept for
a few days (as many as
you need) and come back
to us with tweaks and


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Once you’re happy, we’ll
issue the first progress
payment and move into
crafting up the real thing.
This is where we need all
the vital info. Check out our “brand check list” for what you need to provide


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Packaging takes time, so
expect there to be A LOT
of back and forth with all
involved. But we’ll get
there! Once we’ve settled
on the design aspects,
it’s up to you to get sign
off from required parties.
While that happens, we’ll
get work on supporting
materials for digital
and print.


Screenshot (61)

Launch baby! This is the
exciting part. We’ll help
you get out there and give
you tips on how to get the
best start possible. We’re
pretty much as excited as
you are for this.


Screenshot (64)

Once you’ve launched and
the final invoice has been
paid, we’ll hand over all
your design goods, brand
book, and materials. We’ll
always be here for any
other needs you may have
and it goes without saying
that we’ll support your
business till the end of time.

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