Our goal is to create a brand that not only looks the part but also relates to your customer’s needs, wants and lifestyle. We want to hit that sweet spot between beautiful, clever and functional.

We have over 10 years of experience internationally in the creative industry in a variety of fields. Our specialties lie in FMCG (fast moving consumable goods), food and beverage and packaging, but we’ll give any great business a go. We have a passion for big ideas and will often go above traditional design methods to look for that little bit extra that compliments a brand.

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Our Founder & Designer

Laura Feaveryear
Creative Director

I have 11+ years experience in the creative industry working for corporates, agencies and as a freelancer. A Mum to a beautiful year old boy. I’m known to stand staring at supermarket shelves for hours thinking about packaging. Also known to buy a product because it looked pretty. Story teller, concepter, copywriter, designer and photographer.

I was born with a rare eye condition leaving me short sighted which has never stopped me chasing my dream to be a creative person. I believe my “disability” gives me a unique perspective on the world as well as being able to tap into my other senses to find empathy and emotion for my clients and their customers. I believe we are all capable of achieving great things through
determination and finding solutions that suit our capabilities.

This is my dream and I every single day i take immense pride in the brands I have been fortunate to be on a journey with.

Lauren Fullock
Senior Creative

Lauren’s senior designer skills and experience as design lead at a well known UK bakery are an essential part of Creative Jam’s concept team. Her ability to concept an idea from start to finish aligns perfectly with the CJ way of “create to relate”.

Amber Khoo
Digital graphics and video

Amber is a seriously awesome animator and videographer. Working at New Zealand’s largest media outlets, she has a solid knowledge of what pops on social. She’s also a mad foodie like the rest of us and has a keen eye for making food and products look delicious.

Lauren Castle
Accouunt manager

Behind every good creative team is an awesome account and admin manager and Lauren is truly awesome. Her attention to detail and can do attitude keep us on the right recipe at all times and she does it all with a smile.

Industry Pro’s we align with

We love to make friends with people we connect with in the industry. We have a range of trusted asociates we work with in food technology, web development, photography, printing locally and internationally, 3PL, contract manufacturering, legal and trade marks, the list goes on! So if we can’t help you with something we sure can find someone who will.

What We Do

Brand Development

We take our time in creating brands using a specific process to ensure you don’t end up with a sticky mess. We measure our ingredients carefully, finding the right balance of aesthetic and cleverness in every element.


We have over 10 years’ experience creating beautiful custom packaging. Clients work with us because we understand the balance of practicality, sustainability and aesthetics.

Packaging Specialists


We’ve helped many clients get their products in supermarkets and retail stores. We’ve also won awards for our designs and have worked with large international companies

Auckland Copy writing experts


A picture says a thousand words but doesn’t really explain things in detail! We can help set a voice and tone for your brand with headlines, brand stories, quotes and long copy.


If your brand speaks quality, then quality photos of your product are paramount! We can help set a scene for you and capture your audience attention from every angle.


EDMs, websites, banners and more. We’re fully plugged into digital creative and have a great group of associates that handle the more technical side.

Why clients work with us

I had to have Laura design my brand. Laura has done the most incredible job and has an eye for detail. She is talented, professional and always delivers the best possible result. Every day we have compliments on our beautiful brand design. I can’t recommend
Laura enough!!

Libby Mathews, Dose & CO.

Laura takes on every project we throw at her with ease and is always able to hit the nail on
the head with what we need for our FMCG brands. We always have tight turnaround times to respond to macro trends and she is able to take a brief and create something magical that meets our needs every time.

Rhona Mackenzie
CEO, Red Shoots

We love our brand and packaging, Laura is an absolute joy to work with and nothing is ever a problem. She works so hard on finding solutions and cool ideas for our business, even outside the design space! We would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a kick-ass FMCG brand.

Melanie Bridge
Dr Feelgood

Laura understood the opportunity and what needed to be done. She has been a sounding board, provided direction and contributed fantastic creative. Laura doesn’t see problems, she sees opportunities. She worked with us without complaint, to overcome hurdles as they arose and the results just got even better. I love that she’s still coming up with great ideas to grow our brand. 


Vikki Brannagan CEO, Wise Foods

Laura is a keen team player and no task is too difficult. She took our brand and brought it to life far more than we ever imagined. Her “can do” attitude made us feel incredibly comfortable and she enver complained about deadlines or tricky requests. The uniqueness of My Morning Mantra has made our brand
shine through the health category and that’s what we really wanted.

Chris Tollmache
My Morning Mantra

We’ve worked with Laura for nearly five years now. Laura is an amazing designer. She is enthusiastic, attentive and extremely creative. She always follows the brief, gets the job done and always adds a bit of flair. I can’t recommend her enough.

Founder of Ranga Gingerbeer

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