Alt Bread Co

Alternative bread co. Packaging Alt Bread Co is a specialist in celeriac-friendly bread mixes that taste like real bread. They needed to up their packaging game and wanted to use flour bags, however, standard flour bags have extremely high MOQs to print so we set about creating a custom bag from scratch. We used a […]


Incredisauce Brand & Packaging Incredisauce and Magnifisauce is a sauce range created for Aldi Supermarkets in Australia. A delicious reminder of the sauces you get with chicken nuggets or smothered inside a big burger at your favorite fast food joint, these sauces are out of this world! Let’s Talk Let’s Discuss Your Design Today Let’s […]

Ranga Gingerbeer

Ranga Gingerbeer ReBrand & Packaging This feisty treat is 100% pure zing. Relax, and enjoy New Zealand’s favourite alcoholic gingerbeer. Best served cold over ice with a slice of lime … and a couple of ginger-haired friends. Discover why New Zealand loves all things ginger. A rebrand of an old classic and our longest-running client, […]

Nurture Probiotics

Nurture Sparkling probioics Brand & Packaging 12 x 6g Effervescent Powder Sachets with 16.5 billion New Zealand probiotics, Zinc and Vitamins C & D to support your Digestion + Immunity created for Fonterra Brands of New Zealand as part of a wider Nurture Wellness brand. Available in Singapore and Malaysia Let’s Talk Let’s Discuss Your […]

Korunui Vanilla

Korunui Vanliia Brand & Packaging At Korunui we embrace continuous growth and those striving to improve. And so it is with our first release of Gourmet Vanilla Beans. Difficult to grow, often hand pollinated, and mistaken for something ‘plain or ‘ordinary.’ But just like people, beneath the surface  Vanilla is anything but plain. With time, effort […]

Matcha Made

Matcha Made Brand & Packaging It’s the trending superfood in the health and wellness world, and for good reason. Matcha has been celebrated in Japan for centuries for its numerous health benefits, including increased metabolism, improved mental clarity, antioxidant properties, and more. It’s made by grinding green tea leaves into a fine powder, which used […]


Snackzilla Brand & Packaging Feed hungry rumbly tummies the good stuff before they turn into monsters! Made from quality Aussie grains without any of the nasties. These scrummy barbeque chickpeas are the perfect addition to the pantry. An exclusive brand created for Coles Supermarkets in Australia, Snackzilla was created to entice kids and parents into […]


Equilibrium Brand & Packaging Equilibrium Nutrition was born as we felt there weren’t any nutrition enhancement products (supplements) out there for anyone and everyone. From the moderately active person all the way through to the gym bunny. It suits the person who wouldn’t necessarily even consider a visit to a supplement store as well as […]

Shot Pop

Shot Pop Brand & Packaging Shot Pop takes two of your favourite summer fads and combines them for a new innovative vibe. Alcoholic cocktails frozen into ice pops. Made with natural ingredients and only the best booze, these ice pops are your new way to enjoy hot summer days and festival nights.R18 Drink responsibly. We wanted this […]

Elta Ego

Elta Ego Brand & Packaging As an alcohol-free advocate, the founder Paul and his AF friends found that their energy and mood would always start to wane as social events progressed, while their alcohol-drinking friends would feel the opposite. This would often create a mental tug-of-war between FOMO and not wanting to waste the next […]