Pure Biotics

Brand & Packaging

PureBiotics® harnesses the incredible natural power of probiotic bacteria to get rid of the nasties and create a truly healthy home environment. Just as humans take probiotics in yoghurt or supplements to bring the gut back into balance, natural probiotics restore balance to your household ecosystem

When you clean with PureBiotics®, you’re sending in an army of probiotic bacteria to clean up pathogens, break down the biofilm and deconstruct harmful bacteria at a microscopic level.

With regular use of PureBiotics®, the beneficial probiotic bacteria start to outnumber the bad bacteria. The probiotics take control of the environment, creating a balanced and healthy system for a cleaner home, better air quality and healthier, happy families.

Pure Bitoics cleaning range, 3 white bottles with green and purple logos on them standing in front of a white tiled wall
a woman holds the pure biotics refill bottle and wipes down a bathroom sink
a woman fills the pure biotics refill bottle with the all purpose cleaner on a bench top in the kitchen

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