Dose & Co

How did I get to work on this awesome brand?

I often get asked how I got to help bring this beautiful brand to life and what went into creating it. I could try to tell you it was some incredibly elaborate business plan with presentations, flow charts, targeted ads and such, but it wasn’t.

It was one Instagram story and a message.

How it all started

I had been a follower of Libby Matthews for a long time, and I happened to be scrolling through Instagram one day and noticed that she was enjoying a Dr Feelgood ice pop, one of my other brand projects and clients. I decided to message her and ask her what she thought of it and give myself a little brag; “I designed this brand too!”

I didn’t think I would get a reply because the typical Kiwi in me felt a bit awkward putting myself out there.

But low and behold, she did reply and asked me if I had a portfolio as she was creating a new brand. The rest, as they say, is history! We caught up and discussed the project, likes and ideas. Then I went away and started crafting the brand.

Libby was (and still is) an absolute gem to work with. Working with clients who know what they like and articulate it perfectly over email is a rarity. Most of the brand was created via the powers of the web, back and forth with concepts, packaging and print.

The Dose Design

The brief for Dose & Co. was relatively simple. Recognisable, gender-neutral, versatile and sleek. Libby also requested I use a tan colour and a font choice similar to Khloe Kardashian’s brand – which had significance neither of us was aware of at the time!

I set about coming up with concepts, starting with the logo and colour pallet. Navy worked brilliantly with the tan we had chosen. A third colour, originally a pinky salmon colour that was a bit overly feminine, was changed to a more orange hue.

Here is the very first concept I presented for Dose.

We spent a few months perfecting the packaging concepts including the specific colours for each flavour which would differentiate the products.

Dose & Co went live in May 2019. Here is the final product.

Where is Dose now?

Dose & Co is now a worldwide brand with an incredible range of products that I am so proud to have been behind. The brand has gone from strength to strength, with endorsement from the global brand superstar Zuru Edge and partnering with the one and only Khloe Kardashian.

The true heroes of this brand are Libby and Ryan, two very hard working but very nice individuals who I am so grateful to have the pleasure of working with. I cannot wait to see here this wonderful business goes next.